SF Bay Guardian , Gay Pride Issue 2005.

The Hottest Dyke March After-Party'

China g spins at rebel girl. Post-Dyke March, top off the night with hot women dancing to hot dyke DJs at a one-of-a-kind Rebel Girl bash. Most local ladies are well aware of Rebel Girl's past five years – hosts Elyssa and Luz started it as a bimonthly party featuring indie and punk rock by all-female artists. While times have changed – Rebel Girl parties no longer play just female artists, and they only take place on special occasions – their parties still encompass that same spirit, and attract a prowling crowd that dances as if only the music matters. The last event pulled in more than 500 people, proving to the world that the Rebel yell can't be stopped. This year's Pride party features DJ China G and special guest DJ WaxMaster. 9 p.m.-2 a.m., 155 Fell, SF. $7. (415) 861-2011, www.rickshawstop.com. (Ying) SF Bay Guardian from the Gay pride issue 2005.

< China g spins at rebel girl. Post-Dyke March, 2005

SF Weekly Issue 5/17/06
Best of San Francisco ® 2006:
Lose Yourself in the City Arts & Entertainment Best Lesbian Dance Night "Beat Box" Back in 2000, DJs DNR and China G were bored with a lesbian club scene that seemed to play only hip hop, house, and Latin tunes. Determined to imbue the dyke-dance world with some much-needed oomph, the ladies started "Rebel Girl," a bimonthly event at which they could spin female-fronted rock, punk, '80s pop, and old-school hip hop acts. In November of that year, the duo moved "Rebel Girl" to 26 Mix and also started "Bad Reputation," a night that includes male singers. After 3 1/2 successful years of regular events, the organizers decided to scale back and hold only the occasional party. Last year, the pair put on two huge nights at Rickshaw Stop under the name "Beat Box," which combined "Rebel Girl" and "Bad Reputation." Featuring a wild party atmosphere, live lesbionic rock bands, and an upbeat mix of artists old and new — from Le Tigre and Stereo Total to Joan Jett and the Lords of Acid, from the Killers and Bloc Party to New Order and the Ramones — "Beat Box" is now the city's wildest, giddiest lesbian shindig. We only wish it happened more often. Rickshaw Stop, 155 Fell (at Van Ness), 861-2011 www.rickshawstop.com


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