" Saw your post and I had to write you. I love Rebel Girl. I truly miss dancing and making out to the type of music you girls spin. Shit that's a mix, hiphop, punk, old school rock. Stuff that brings people out. Makes em horny and keeps em dancing. Gotta love that. I'm just a lesbian who likes good music and loves to dance. That's it. You're the promoter. Good luck and see you after the dyke march! "

" Hey Elyssa,   I had a great time at your party, I ended up dancing for like an hour and a half straight!  It seemed really packed and like everyone was having a good time.  Thank you so much for putting me on the list!!! "  

" When's the next dance? "

" hi there, my girlfriend and i were talking the other day about how awful the dance scene is in san francisco. we've got the dancing itch and can't get it scratched. we know about the cafe, mango, cream...but music sucks. we love the music you play!!! do you know where all the girls that go to your dances go dancing when rebel girl is on vacation?   hope to hear from you soon! "  

" Oh my goddess... your latest message left me on the floor.  I just saw it. See, I was out dancing with hot girls all night at Rebel Girl. Thanks for proving my point with your illiterate rant posted at 1:00 am on a Saturday night. I knew you must just be bitter because you can't get a date with anyone (much less with any of the lovely ladies I have gone or will go out with)!   And you are right I am taking advantage of the situation. I am taking advantage of the fact that I am smart, handsome, easy going, confident, a good dancer (and more)... and that lots of lovely femmes like that.   LMAO "    

" listen "Gurlzzzzz" if you think that the mission (the lexington club) or hayes valley (rebel girl) is a ghetto or some dark alley, then you really need to get out more. take your head out of your pretty little east bay suburb and expand yourself. the mission is so far from being a ghetto. and hayes valley doesn't even belong in this discussion.   support your women-owned, women-run events and bars. spend your money where it's needed most, not the into the pockets of some rich man. "

" Greetings, I am writting in regards to your "Beat Box" party. I attended last night and really appreciated the event: the music was great, everyone was dancing. Sadly, I haven't encountered many hoppin' queer events where the music rocks and everyone's dancing. That said, when will the next Rebel Grrl dance party take place?  Also, can I be added to the email list.   peace "

" Hey,   Thanks so much for writing about my post on Craigslist bemoaning the loss of Rebel Girl.  I would love to be on your email list!  Please add me to the list.  I eagerly look forward to any and all events you put on in the future!  Thanks so much for putting your time and efforts into making a great scene for women in SF! "

" Hi there,   Unfortunately I was out of town for this, but I hope it was a blast!  Please do have more rebel girl events in the future... you guys rock!   Many thanks "

" Hi there Please put me on your email list.  I want to know when the next bad reputation is at 26 mix.  Thanks for having girls nights like these!!! "

" So Rebel Girl's last party is tonight...   I've bartended at it since it first came to 26Mix. This is the party that brought me out - in the "OUT" sense of the word.  So you can imagine it holds some significance for me.   I love this party.  And I would love for it to have a send off that it deserves. Remember the days when it was so packed, you couldn't even move?  And everyone was dancing and having a fucking fabulous time? I remember girls from wall-to-wall.  I remember a line of you against the flyer shelf, all of you making out (and me being jealous!).  I remember having to reprimand folks for having sex in every conceivable corner.  I remember when Lauren bartended with me and had a drooling audience hanging on her every move. Remember when she danced on the bar?  I rememeber when Sunny closed the Lex early one night due to a lack of customers and came down to Rebel Girl to see where everyone was.  I remember Rebel Girl's Queer Prom and everyone in tuxedos and prom dresses - did any of you miss Bre in a dress, heels, and makeup?  It was a sight to behold.  I remember a really great time.  This was hands-down my favorite party at the time.    So now your friendly neighborhood bar bitch (me) is asking anyone with a fond memory of this party to please come down and help us celebrate.  This is not coming from a sales point of view, but from a ridiculous, sappy, sentimental corner of my heart. Help the promoters and me close this party's chapter with raucous flourish.   Kisses to you all, your friendly neighborhood bar bitch "

" my 2 punky friends & i met u in the bathroom line (i loved the long hard sexyass look u gave me btw) -- you were with a blonde *she‘s not my girlfriend* u told us. then the 4 of us exchanged stares outside after the party ended. the 3 of us wanted 2 take u home but after saying g’night to some of our friends, u had already disappeared…"

" Thank you Rebel Girl & Bad Rep for providing a space for women for so many years. In appreciation to these amazing promoters, we would just like to say again.... Thank You "  

" i think i fell in love a few different times last night.  that place was packed full of delicious bois & grrls.  definitely a cool crowd.  thanks for the fun, rebel girl.  we'll miss you.  "

" Hey...   I'm wondering if anyone knows what happened to Rebel Girl at 26 Mix? Their calendar doesn't list it anymore, and that was by far the best place I've found with cool, funky, young queer women in the Bay area. Is it at another venue now? Any tips on other spots with a similar vibe (any day of the week, but also particularly tonight?)  Many thanks for any suggestions. The Cherry Bar vibe just isn't my thing.   Xoxox "

" hey are you having an anniversary party again this year?  last years was great. "  

" Last night Rebel Girl was off the hook!!  So many women! Such a good time! Thank you to all the women who made last night so fun for me! I have so many missed connections!  To the two 80's girls dancing on the stage! To the other blonde that was dancing on the stage!  To the girl in the black dress!  To the bartender!  To the girl in the red shirt! So many! "

" I just have to say that the women there are so funny. I love the dancers and the atmosphere..love it.   Ok let me break it down I do have to say Luz and Elise are working it working it...and Handy is always ready and Handy love it to the Bar girls ya'll rock to Simone De La Getto: Work it Work it! to the girl with the Tie on the pink and grey one, who drinks Coors out the can:Can I have some of your drink! to the two women that were together last night on the dance floor you know who you are with all white on and the sistah with the head wrap can I get in the middle...I like your chocolate, I mean carmel I love the dyke community we are so small yet we get along..... NO more drama that is for Trash Jack you a drunk Mutha I am not gonna say that here, but I love ya' glad you got a nice girl who don't yell.   To the DJ's Pump That music it was the bomb.... more MJ though all right i gotta go back to the grind see ya OH! I am single by the way, so ask me to dance next time! "

" Hi Elyssa, Luz - I want to thank all three of you for a great evening. We appreciate you sharing some of your earnings with us and we hope you had as successful and fun a night as we did. And please pass along to Erin that the images were amazing! So besides showering you with appreciation, we'd like to kick back some support for rebel girl by publicizing it and your support of us.   We have a brochure and a web site on which we'd like to list Rebel Girl as a supporter. If you have a logo or image you'd like us to use that would be great and if not, send me whatever email, website, contact # , or little one liner that you'd like us to put out there.   Thanks again for a fun and successful event. "

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