" In May 2000, after desperately seeking for clubs that made us want to dance, and unfortunately not finding many, Luz (DJ DNR) a New York native and Elyssa (DJ China G) from San Francisco had an opportunity to create something exciting. We were craving for a club that played music that we loved, other than hip-hop, latin and house, which seemed to be dominating the dyke/lesbian club scene. We had a vision to start a dance club for dykes, bois, femmes, queers of all genders and their friends that spun electro, indie, rock, punk, 80’s and a bit of hip hop. That's when Rebel Girl was born.

We hired Cari Campbell (DJ Wax Chef) to accompany Elyssa (DJ China G) as the resident DJ’s during our bi-weekly events at a bar on 14th street in San Francisco. We played everything from Joan Jett to Le Tigre to X-Ray Spex to Queen Latifah to Chicks on Speed and the crowd loved it! We quickly realized that SF was anxiously waiting for us as they packed the house on our Saturday nights. After 6 months on 14th street we needed to find a larger space and quickly moved Rebel Girl to bi-weekly on Thursday nights at 26Mix in the Mission district. We also started Bad Reputation which included music with male vocals such as The Ramones, AC/DC, Eric B. & Rakim, Depeche Mode and the list goes on. We had exciting theme nights like “Dress Like Your Favorite Super Hero” “Dress Like Your Favorite Rock Star” “80’s Night”, and of course “Gay Prom Night”.
We also did benefits to raise money for the Nectar Stage (the 1st Womyn’s Stage at SF Pride) & Lady Fest.
We watched the crowd dance, fuck, break-up, make-up, and make-out on the dance floor. In 2004, after 3 1/2 years of making people dance until they collapsed, Rebel Girl took a long break and welcomed the new queer clubs and new girl DJ’s who got the same inspiration to make people dance.

In 2005, back by popular demand, Rebel Girl presented “Beat Box” our bi-annual event, where we invited bands BoySkout and Velvet Fury to perform. At our 2005 “Dyke March After-Party” close to 700 womyn and their friends stomped into Rebel Girl, demanded danceable beats like M.I.A, the Killers, Bloc Party, Princess
Superstar, mash-ups and danced til' they dropped. As long as we’ve got vinyl in our backpacks, Elyssa
(DJ China G) and I (DJ DNR) are inspired by the need to have girrrls and queers in music action. Rebel Girl
will continue to create a safe space for dykes and their friends and make you do what you love-Dance! "

- Luz (DJ DNR) & Elyssa (DJ China G